Ajna Temple is a living Mystery School of Initiation & Holistic Inner Union, to embody your soul’s calling, light & magic.  — Creating a sacred relationship with the Earth and the global Community through a direct experience of awakening.  Unite heart, mind and body. Be held & guided, share Cacao, Breath, Dance and release what has been and co-create present moment awareness of deep loving kindness Share your gifts in the world in the New Paradigm.

This is a portal to go beyond the boundaries that were never there.  This is a space for those who crave mastery and understanding of the deeper mysteries of life.

Remember your innocence You are a light body, of pure energy, and that energy has energetic fields, many of us can see and all of us can activate and shift our perceptions and dimensions. You are an eternal being of LIGHT, here on Earth with a unique mission. Ajna Temple offers professional breathwork and holistic sessions, workshops, and facilitato certification programs so you can have a direct experience of awakening so you can share your gifts with the world.

All of You is welcome at the Temple. Your love, curiosity, fear, vulnerabilities, grief anger and rage, orgasmic energy and bliss are all welcome. Let yourself be guided inwards through the uncofmrotable and the sahdows, that the self-help industry usually don’t even mention, to ascend and awaken to an empowered authentic life.

Join our worldwide tribe of worldwide — a collective of life coaches, CEOs, doctors, meditators, corporate executives, therapists, yogis, healers, moms — uplifting the human collective with trust in our combined intuition as we deep dive through the worldly layers and come to our courage to face the truth and our highest potential activated.

“shadow alchemy is the path of the heart warrior” – carl jung
Honesty and Respect and Privacy Policy
Stephanie Ajna’s teachings and healings are all given in a compassionate and non-judgemental way. All information is kept strictly private and confidential and is only used for the purpose of your journey. Any information discussed during the session will not be disclosed.
“The temples are not just places of refuge for those fleeing a civilisation in decline or looking for an alternative culture within the prevailing system. They are the very breath of the new arriving. They are landed by free souls who have liberated themselves from the gravity of survival and are instead listening to that which has been waiting in their own bodies and the earth itself, longing to be met with love and danced in freedom.” – Bruce Lyon


My vision and life dedication is to ancient & new age wisdom & healing, and conscious community living.  I am passionate about honoring the “whole picture,”  by shedding light on the dark, to be brought to the light for authentic embodied awakenings to one’s highest potential.  As the Kaballah says, As above, So below.

Originally from New York, living in Gold Coast Australia I traveled and pilgrimaged on this quest for twelve years.  My life is her art and  has  facilitated sacred space, taught and practised globally for over 15 years.

I am a Yoga Teacher, Trauma-Release Breath Coach, Watsu practitioner (Mermaid Medicine), Reiki Master, Theta healer, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Tantrika, Osho Sanyasi, Soul Fragmentation Retriever, Womb Healer, Chord cutter, Crystal dreaming practitioner,Akashic Record Reader, Interpersonal Relating guide, Mystic, Poet, Mother, Artist, Massage Therapist, Cacao Medicine Woman.

I am initiated by Agama Yoga, ISTA, Osho Sanyasi, Watsu, & Rebirthing Breathwork.  I have learned deeply but the greatest wisdom came through quests as a female traveler traveling alone from the roads of Cambodia to the Sahara desert, from the cabins in the Amazon rivers with shamans and tribes, to the Wats of Myanmar.  From walking 1000 km for three months across Israel and Palestine, to hitchhiking across Eastern Europe, from dancing with the dreadlocks of Cuba to scouting the first Rainbow Gathering in Morrocco, from the colorful spicy Indian markets to the subway systems of New York, London, Tokyo, and Beijing.

I have integrated this into Ajna Temple to share the fusion of ancient and new –age forms of healing and wisdom.

I thrive on the sacred journey of the heart, offering tools for heart opening experiences to free from separation and marry the masculine and feminine within, the divine life which awakens oneself to their true essence, source and raison d’etre.  To find our gift and Give it –
I am here to activate the remembrance of heaven on earth, supporting humanity to embody life as the ceremony, breath as the ritual, body as the temple & presence as the prayer.

This is our time to Awaken to the new Paradigm being created within our Seeds of life, thought and intention.


A young female traveler, traveling alone, but never really alone.  This is being all alone without being lonely.  Loneliness is an absence.  Aloneness is an overflowing presence of oneself. 

It all started with a wanderlust and the accidental discovery of being a free-time explorer.  Experiences and experiments around the trusty globe, always spinning round and round on its axis.

Over twelve years, before the world changed from Covid 19, during the Mecca of Travel, I had a quest for philosophical wisdom, and went to every mountain, spring, temple, mystery school, and trainings, and wise one that I could.  I found teachers in the every-day people, the humble as well as the famous.  I went deep into each place, each soul, with the whole world to carry me forward on a Carpe Diem attitude.

In Femme Freedom, hear their stories of wisdom from the roads of Cambodia to the Sahara desert, from the cabins in the Amazon rivers to the hobunk nowhere towns in Serbia and Kosovo, the nowhere men in the middle of Vietnam to  the dreadlocks of the Caribbean, the colorful spicy Indian, Turkish and Singapore markets to the subway systems of New York, London, Tokyo, and Beijing. 

This is to empower you to know that you can do it (whatever IT is for you), on your own, to remember the capacity within oneself to make way through the darkness without any map companion or guide. This is a cry – an offering, to all of those people who feel stuck, or crave for change. 

A heap of synchronicity and a sprinkle of luck with a trust that can only be reinforced when one authentically lets go and takes that jump into the void. This is for you. 


Tantra Heart – Awaken as Love
Fri April 19, 6:30 pm  – 10:30 PM @ Tally Vally Comm Centre, Gold Coast

MEOW – Tantra Heart Temple Play Party
Saturday April 27, 7 pm  – 12 Midnight @
Bliss Boudoir, Tweed NSW

SENSE 6.0 The Conscious party – Ft Paul A George from Tijuana Cartel
Friday May 17, 6 pm  – 11 pm @
Sunshine Coast

LUCIDITY – Lucid Dreaming Codes and Cristal Didgeridoo Activation
Sun May 26, 3 pm – 7 pm @
Tally Vally Comm Centre, Gold Coast

Tantra Heart – FUNdamentals of Tantra
Sun June 9, 2 pm  – 6 PM @ Tally Vally Comm Centre, Gold Coast

Sacred Inner Union Ritual & Dance w/ Ajna & Patricia Silverwolf
Sun July 28, 2 pm  – 5 pm @
Tally Vally Comm Centre, Gold Coast

Lemurian Mermaid Retreat
August 2024 Sailing the Whitsundays (Dates TBA)  

Cacao Ceremonialist Training
TBA, Gold Coast and online