What Ajna Temple clients are saying

I felt like I shifted so much energy. With each bit that left I feel more and felt more open in my throat, heart and in my womb actually. This whole spinal column of energy was much more free and open and it freed up my vocal chords to voice and release. A lot of the time I couldn’t make sense of what the emotion was attached to it, whether I was laughing or crying. Just little bits of energy leaving. And afterwards I noticed my breath was really different; I could breathe into my belly and my breath was so much more unobstructed.

Emma Wiliams - Byron Bay, Australia

The biggest shift I felt was shedding shame around my sexuality and knowing that its all within me.  It was a 10 out of 10, my gosh! I was able to unleash the wild woman within whilst nurturing the inner child to safety.

I feel I have learned deeper about improving my relationships, to listen to other without needing to always respond.

Amy Be - UK

It was my first time experiencing the power of the (cacao) medicine.
The excercises that Steph bought forward were stunning. I experienced beautiful emotional release. Very powerful energy and left with a soft heart.

Rachel Anastasi - Melbourne AUS

It was one the most amazing journeys of my life. In it mingled together a bit of history, a bit of nature, meeting yourself as an observer and as an expansive being, playfulness, connection and healing. I got to laugh, I got to cry, I got to be held and healed. I got to hold and heal. I got to meet myself in many different ways. At other times I got to feel fully alive.

Alim Braakman - Holland

This was the best yoga class I have experienced for a long time!  So grateful to be lucky enough to receive from Stephanie.

Jane Menke - Currumbin EcoVillage, AUS

I remember feeling very free, welcome, connected and also emotional. I could feel my heart beat in my toe, pumping life through my whole body. The cacao brought up some tears to the surface from deep within, but the company and different exercises helped to wash them away, embrace the intensity and open up to the love. Maybe what I’m trying to say is…the cacao made me realise I have wings and Ajna held me up into the air creating the platform to take off.

Katie Huntermark - Germany

Her wealth of knowledge assisted me to go deeper to become a group facilitator for my own circles.

I found it was very powerful because the way she speaks through her intuition, wisdom and experiences, it created the container..  We were being held, with beauty and listened to in great integrity in the container.

.  We were being held, with beauty and listened to in great integrity in the container.

Bridget - Agnes Waters, AUS

Thank you for supporting me, my fears have essentially dissipated since I started reiki treatments. I just figured I would carry my fears for a very long time, if not forever.

Leah Ayn - New Jersey, USA

I was able to let go of the heaviness of my work and shift the heaviness and sadness to Purpose and voice.

Talita - Sunshine Coast, AUS
I had never felt so welcomed to be my true self in community and had never experienced a group heart chakra opening like what i witnessed and experienced on Friday. After the walk you could see everyone hugging and overflowing with connection and love.
It has really helped me to connect with my own desires and I will try to embody my own truth moving forward.
Fletcher - GC, AUS

Stephanie held amazing space, I was afraid of so many energies but she got us into a fun-loving and deep soul recognition so the fears faded away. Her intuition with assisting me in the journey with light touch and energy work was so precise. Exactly what I needed. I would recommend it to everyone.

Kathryn - Aus

I felt so good I stopped smoking and started running and my body got stronger to breathe.

Andreas - Estonia

Wow I feel younger and more alive than ever. I’ve never tried anything like it. I can’t believe that breath can do that!

Julie - Germany

What a beautiful authentic yoga class.  Stephanie is a skillful teacher and teaches with commitment and maturity.

Maggie G - Currumbin Ecovillage, AUS