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Chocolate lovers, lets come together and open our hearts through cacao, meeting other hot and conscious singles in the community.

Tired of swiping on Tinder or Bumble? Ready for a true connection?

We aren’t taught how to love and be loved in a way that fits the unique shape of our heart. Tantra Heart is a safe container with a taster of the unique experience of mind-blowing, heart opening, playful explorations of emotional and physical Intimacy (Into-me-I-see). Tantra is a gateway to turn an ordinary life into an amazing one, to truly experience bliss in the body as a gateway to love and going beyond duality. Liberate yourself to explore your full potential and expansion.


6:50 Cosmopolitan groovy opening music set

7:00 Cacao Heart ceremony

7:30 Conscious Speed Dating

8:30 Singles Mingle

8: 45 -9:30 Tantra Heart Intimacy

9:30 – 10 Sound Immersion

10:00 Tunes for Dance, Delight and Connection -Time to Get the numbers of those you want to stay connected with! You dont have to go home, but you can’t stay here !

This is not just another ordinary chocolate we will be serving you… RAW CACAO is a facilitator for mood elevation, natural body high and euphoric inward journeying, which pushes you to branch out and open to heightened states within and with others. CACAO is historically and chemically a superfood, it detoxifies and cleanses the liver, relaxes the muscles and is a powerful heart opener!

The Mayans and alchemists knew how to open the gateway of the heart with Cacao… now it can be your turn!

Price online:

Early Bird (ends 28th May 2020) – $70

2nd Round (ends 18th May 2020) – $85


BRING a FRIEND of the opposite sex – BUY together and SAVe!

(Early bird 2 tickets for $120- save $20!)

(2nd round 2 tickets for $140 – save $30!

AT THE DOOR (If there are tickets left, $100/ticket)

NO REFUNDS But Name-Changes Acceptable

Claim your space here: this will sell out!



Be sure to be comfortable, and be yourself. The sexiest thing is to come as you truly are. And try to have a good night’s sleep before.

Recommended to eat lightly, or fasting, for best results — the emptier the belly the more you can fly.

Please steer clear of alchohol and any other drugs or stimulants for 24-48 hours before and after this event, as Cacao is a strong detox.


The Cacao is powerful detox and stimulant which can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations. If you are taking any sort of medication, please confirm with us before buying a ticket.

Also, we do not guarantee that you will find your new twin flame or soul mate but we do know you will fall inlove with cacao and humanity on the way to opening your heart.


We LOVE Love. We are here to help connect the people who met and did not have the courage to ask for eachothers numbers afterwards…

This event will operate under a Covid Safe plan.

Your Facilitators:


Channel & Healer | Kundalini Activator | Polarity Relationship Coach

Space Holder for free expression and authentic beingness, guiding healing for over 6 years.

Danyelle offers a unique expression of consciousness to activate and remind people of their Truth. Using tools of consciousness from many modalities such as; Breathwork, Reiki, Access Bars, Activation Points, Tantra, Massage, Mindset Training, Shamanism and Universal Assistance from Multidimensional realms she is able to bring a rememberance into embodiment and true connection to self allowing deep connection with all of life.

Danyelle has a multitude of offerings that are determined by your individual journey. She is available for 1:1 consults, Spiritual Mentoring, Kundalini Work, Workshops, Relationship Sessions and Online Coaching.


[email protected]


Cacao Mama | Breath & Holistic Therapist | Relating Guide

Tantric Yogini Medicine woman,

Conscious Events Facilitator from New York taught and practised globally for over 15 years.

Experience Ritual & Initiation, for authentically embodied awakenings to one’s highest potential; she guides you inward, invites a softening so you can feel the uncomfortable truths and shadows that the self-help industry usually doesn’t even mention, to get through the dark nights of the soul, receive intuitive wisdom, activations, & psychedelic experiences with the divine within.

Stephanie offers private sessions catered to your own needs, cacao ceremonies, holistic retreats and weekly group sessions.




“I felt bathed in the love of each man here as I met each one eye to eye.”

– Maryanne, Aus

“I had a fantastic time and met some incredible people. I really got out of my comfort zone and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you, ladies!”

– Brett, Aus

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