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Have you ever wanted to learn to become Lucid within your dreams?

Do you want to experience flying? maybe you want to access more of your full potential, become more creative or even heal past traumas…

The possibilities are limitless within the dream space.If you want to connect to your seat of Intuition and psychic abilities, spiritual insight and visionary access, leading to your inner knowledge that will guide you if you let it – this is for you!

Remember your clear channel & clairvoyence.
Reconnect with your essence.
Deepen in the connection with yourself to bridge your inner worlds with your outer worlds.

If you love the Blue Lotus, Alchemy, Breathwork, Crystal Didgeridoo Sound Dreaming and Embodiment somatic journeys – Join us!

Drop into ancient codes with practices to enhance the art of lucid dreaming. May we welcome the deepest parts of our inner self to re-emerge what resides within our cells, for our intuitive powers to activate.

Rest in a hour long Sound Dreaming Journey with Yoga Nidra – a relaxation technique to drop into One-Consciousness.

– The reasons for Lucid dreaming
– Practical ways to help induce lucid dreaming.
– What to do while in the dream space and how to control the dream when you become lucid.
– Breathing exercises for lucidity
– Trataka an Ajna Chakra activation
– Yoga Nidra the Yogic Sleep
– Crystal Didgeridoo Sound Dreaming with Bashir
– Blue Lotus tea Ceremony

If you’re wanting to release or you’re wanting to expand and remember
These techniques swill allow for deeper life force activation, revitalisation, and awakening of mind.

Almost all ancient civilizations from the Mayans to the Tibetan Buddhists practiced the Art of lucid dreaming. Join me in this introduction to lucid dreaming workshop to begin your journey of connecting to the magical realm of the dream space & feeling into deeper states of consciousness within your dreams. Learn to take control of your dreams. You are in control.

We spend on average 1/3 (25years) of our life asleep. That’s a lot of time we can be using to help benefit our lives. What ever your goals are for becoming a lucid dreamer, it is all possible.


This unique instrument was created in the quest for a highly resonant vibrational tool to enhance the effectiveness of Sound Healing work. The Sound and Vibration generated by the Quartz Crystal Yidaki enhances and boosts the free flow of energy through the energetic meridians of the body, similar to the way acupuncture works.

When the cells are stimulated through Vibration and Sound, a synergetic process occurs on a cellular level, which assists in detoxifying and enhancing the optimal functioning of each cell. When cellular resonation occurs in this way it helps to entrain the body’s natural frequencies to their optimal resonance.

This sound treatment can assist in relieving many forms of pain and discomfort. It is the same principle in the way ultrasound and acupuncture works by stimulating the meridians of the body to assist in restoring the natural balance of frequencies that encourage harmony and freedom from energetic blockages.

This Crystal Yidaki is in the key of F, which impacts the physical Heart and chakra, and will help cleanse and bring the frequencies of your Heart and body back into balance and alignment, and tune the body to its optimal resonance


Blue Lotus tea activates the cellular memory while allowing for a deeply activated yet gentle psychoactive response to journey the realms of the subconscious in a heightened yet relaxed expression. Blue Lotus is an ancient herbal remedy used through ancient civilisations to bring forth connection to the divine feminine shakti energy within to come into deep internal union.
With the support of this blissful medicine, ritual, intention and guided breath-work facilitation we can return to seeing life through our ancient eyes, the Eye of Horus.


This third eye chakra is your center of intuition, and encompasses the pituitary gland, eyes, head, and lower part of the brain. A spiritual chakra, Ajna means “beyond wisdom”, your “Real Eyes” to Realize


Breath is the activation and bridge from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind, allowing for energy to move with ease and experience gentle or transcended altered states of reality.

– Release old negative behaviour patterns, and subconscious belief systems.
– Heal old emotional wounds and traumas.
– Connects you with your deepest inner truth, with your divine nature.
– Boosts confidence and awareness, and trust in yourself.
– Brings you to a deep inner peace.
– Eliminate toxins and stress and boost the immune system
– Clears and energises one Chakras and energy system
– A fundamental shift in your outlook
– Powerful insights occur during sessions that bring about rapid change in one’s life.
– Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion

Our breathing affects the way we feel and vice versa. The way we feel, influences our behaviour and our attitudes. The way we inhale reflects the way we take life in. The way we exhale reflects the way we let go or not. Our breath mirrors our relationship with our world. The intention of “the conscious connected breath” is to create an open and relaxed relationship with breathing and so transforming our life.

We observe and listen to the body, getting the answers from our inner knowing and our very own.

IM IN!!! How do I commit??
Then claim your space and start the process….Feel free to ask any question or share your thoughts.

Earlybird: 55 $$$
General admission – 69 $$$
At the door (if there’s spaces left) – 77 $$$

* Wear loose clothing, nothing tight or restrictive.
* Wear or bring something Purple (optional)
* Sacred object for the altar (optional)
* Have a good nights sleep before.
* Have a light to empty stomach on arrival – the lighter the body the more you can energetically receive.


Cacao Mama | Breath & Holistic Therapist | Relating Guide
Tantric Yogini Medicine woman

Conscious Events Facilitator from New York taught and practised globally for over 15 years.
Experience Ritual & Initiation, for authentically embodied awakenings to one’s highest potential; she guides you inward, invites a softening so you can feel the uncomfortable truths and shadows that the self-help industry usually doesn’t even mention, to get through the dark nights of the soul, receive intuitive wisdom, activations, & psychedelic experiences with the divine within.
Stephanie is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Reiki Master, Theta healer, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Soul Fragmentation Retriever, Womb Clearer, Chord cutter, Crystal dreaming practitioner, Interpersonal Relating guide.
As a shamanic Breath-Doola, a mother and an Empowerment Healer, and Cacao Ceremonialist – she is here to activate the remembrance of heaven on earth, supporting humanity to embody life as the ceremony, breath as the ritual, body as the temple & presence as the prayer.
Stephanie offers private sessions catered to your own needs, cacao ceremonies, holistic retreats and weekly group sessions. Come discover the power of your own breath.


Bashir, born legally blind, beautifully navigates both challenges and blessings, leading an inspiring and independent life. Through unwavering determination he transcends perceived limitations, embodying the principles of adaptation, growth, and evolution. Bashir’s journey unfolds as a beacon of inspiration as he not only pursues his most meaningful dreams but also catalyses transformation in others.

Bashir merges his love for wellness, transformation and change with creative expressions in sound and music, using them as a canvas to convey his heart beyond the constraints of language.

Drawing on his self development journey that spans over a decade, Bashir extends his offerings through facilitating healing sound baths and transformative experiences like Sacred Sound Dreaming and Healing immersions, as well as through his music production project, ‘The Blind Mystery’. Additionally, he serves as an inspirational speaker and life coach. His compelling story resonates at disability retreats and various collaborative community events and projects.

Bashir’s ability to provide experiences that foster personal growth and evolution sets him apart. Rooted in his distinct presence and ability to deeply connect, his gifts touch a diverse audience.

Performance highlights include sharing his Crystal Yidaki (didgeridoo) with crowds of upwards of 300+ people at events such as Dr. Espen’s Quantum Advanced, prestigious venues like the Imperial Hotel (formerly the Palazzo Versace) as part of the Candlelight Concerts events, Muse Bath House, which showcase the universal appeal of his craft.

In Bashir’s own words, “My sight may be weak, but my vision is strong.”


Name changes possible but No Refunds
The Journey is a powerful journey with many tools that can intensify your transformational process. Through the process you will embark on a journey into the soul. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations. Please speak to one of your facilitators if anything comes up for you. We are here for your process and dedicated to aftercare.


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