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We gather together to share, touch, flirt, snuggle, massage, carress, and explore, re-connecting    —

Let us celebrate and ride the erotic waves throughout the evening from the dance floor to the cuddle puddle…. with sultry games and a splash of exploring your desires, you’ll be tantalized by the potential of this night.
Be taken on a journey through the senses, connection and play! Let’s break down the walls of conditioning to create what we truly desire .. connection!
Your senses will awaken to the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. Expect the unexpected as we push boundaries and challenge preconceptions, all in the name of the mystery of connection.
Trust, Love, and Intimacy is bodily freeness, relaxation and heart openness, no longer hiding behind any walls or masks – a spiritual liberty, where you feel so alive and fully in the moment.
Our sexual energy is the most potent force of our being and that is why tantric teachings are also concerned with the best possible ways to channel this immense resource within us by learning to be more sensitive and ultimately be able to control it, sublimate it (refine it, recycle it and move it up) and invest it in whatever aspect of worldly life we choose – our daily life, work, sex and love-
Becoming more successful, self-confident, loving, communicative, bright, satisfied, and magnetic –
The temple is a deep ritual dedicated to the expansion of our personal sexual nature available to us, to new experiences of expressing our Eros and sexuality.
So many of us get stuck on a sexual figure with fixed sexual energy from our youth and throughout our lives, and it’s such a shame… there are so many ways to be in erotic love! Are YOU afraid to express your soft, sweet, romantic love?  or are YOU afraid to express your wild, passionate, kinky love?
This is about the awaking and rising of stuck sexual energy and not focused on sex!!
The evening is dedicated to stimulating our senses because our senses are a gateway to activating even more intimacy in our lives. This is a preparation to temple journey that will take us through mature expression, in to our most basic need for intimacy, and find golden keys to connection, acceptance and fulfillment. We will discover that when we slow down the automatic run to sexuality, a whole world of portals of pleasure exists within us.
We will awaken ripples of bliss as we creatively stimulate these sensitive senses.  The aspect of the tantric path that deals with grounding the Spirit into the body through the awakening of the senses.
By the end of the evening we move into sacred temple where we will explore the delicate eroticism that meets power, celebration and everything in between. We will open our channels to experience the polarities of light love and dark love expressions, of feminine and masculine. We will practice meeting ourselves and eachother, and express an erotic presence connected inwardly to the earth, the fire, the emotion, the animal, the spirit, the soul, the heart…
The continuous expansion of our pleasure and feeling of connectedness contain the power to transform us not only on a subtle level, but can tangibly restructure our experience of ourselves, the way we give and receive and our ability to offer ourselves completely recognizing Divine presence within and without.
Precisely here can be found the Secret of Love and becoming a better lover –
The willingness and even longing to surrender yourself fully to the sacredness of this very moment and to your partner as a Divine being, God/Goddess in the flesh, merging the Self gracefully with the Love that flows through the Heart.
We will build our etheric energy to have the ability to easily transcend leaving mind and going to spirit through the body. In this state of awarness, we access kundalini energy and it can support you in releasing and healing your self and your partner. The idea of the white tantra is to merge our love-play with our meditation and then merge that with daily life.
We will stay open to the love flow of Kundalini as she moves our hand and bodies to the most pleasureable and healing movements, speeds, rhythms and intensities.
Shibari is a traditional Japanese art form that involves the intricate and artistic practice of rope bondage. Rooted in centuries-old techniques, shibari is more than just a physical restraint; it is a dance of trust, intimacy, and surrender between the participants. The ropes become a medium of communication, weaving a mesmerizing narrative of connection and vulnerability. The dance of surrender in shibari transcends the physical realm, inviting participants to explore the depths of emotional and psychological surrender, creating a profound and shared experience.
The workshop culminates in a captivating performance by ShibariSydney that celebrates the beauty of surrender through the artistry of shibari
We will open with a ceremony drinking the Mayan elixir of love, high quality raw Cacao imported from Peru. Cacao is a facilitator for mood elevation, natural body high and euphoric inward journeying, opens you to heightened states within and with others.
Its time to explore the expansion of consciousness and the whole personality, through connecting to Love
The world of experiences is knocking on your door.
Don’t let a mask get in the way of life.
Try everything.
That everything can lead you to LOVE and love undeniably leads you to living through your authentic self.
Always know that
Every time you stop yourself from falling deeply in love, you stop yourself from being alive.
You are truly free whenever you chose love
We can do that in every given moment of our daily lives
and this,
is what they call,
– A Psycho-somatic Journeying
– Tunnel of Love
– Shibari Japanese Rope Performance
– Transpersonal healing tools
– Cacao Heart Ceremony
– Dance & Connection- Tantric Rituals
– Tantric Sublimation Technique
– Yoni / Lingum Breathing
– Fast fix for grounding Central Nervous System
– Deepen your experience of intimacy, connection, and creative life force through self-awareness and trust.
– Transform your fear, shame, and conditionings around who you are as a sexual being and step into your greatness.
– Discover how all life works together in coherence and awaken to the true nature of love.
– Deeper Self-Embodiment and Empowerment
– Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion
– Discover the true nature of sexual energy and how you can harvest that as the source of your creativity and power.
– Experience what it means to be held within a loving tribe. Bringing our most isolated parts back into connection.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
* This is a Sellout Event from the Gold Coast, on tour in Sydney
BOOK early to save disappointment.
Earlybird Tickets – $59 (until Dec 2)
Regular TIcket: $69 (until Dec 15)
On the day: $79
((if there are remaining tickets)
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Total respect of your boundaries, fun, laughter, tears, healing, music, dancing, transformation, life changing practices for deeper intimacy, heightened orgasmic potential, stronger personal power, tools to build healthier relationships.
Yoga mat, pillows, sarong or blanket for optimum comfort. Water,  a pen/notepad, open heart, open mind, presence.


All is welcome, this is an inclusive space for all genders, heterosexual, and Queer/trans/bi-curious inclusive space.
This is a great opportunity for both, couples and individuals, to gain amazing skills and deepen their relationship with themselves and each other on all levels….
“Thank you so much for the amazing event on Friday. I had never felt so welcomed to be my true self in community and had never experienced a group heart chakra opening like what I witnessed and experienced on Friday. It has really helped me to connect with my own desires and I will try to embody my own truth moving forward.”
– Stacey K, Brisbane
“Your style of temple was my favourite out of several (run by others) that I’ve been to. It was an excellent space for beginners in the tantra space (there were many first timers), and still a beautiful night of connection for myself who has attended a few before. Your space felt very safe without feeling over-controlled or heavily regimented. I also felt it ran for the perfect amount of time – I didn’t leave feeling like I had been cut off like I have many times before.
Personally, I gained a new level of confidence in speaking my desires and being seen in having desired. Something I think a lot of other men would get a lot out of.”
-Andy M, Gold Coast
Ajna is my sanyasi name meaning Third Eye chakra, connected to Intuition
Cacao Mama | Breath & Holistic Therapist | Relating Guide
Tantric Yogini Medicine woman,
Conscious Events Facilitator from New York taught and practised globally for over 15 years.
Experience Ritual & Initiation, for authentically embodied awakenings to one’s highest potential; she guides you inward, invites a softening so you can feel the uncomfortable truths and shadows that the self-help industry usually doesn’t even mention, to get through the dark nights of the soul, receive intuitive wisdom, activations, & psychedelic experiences with the divine within.
Stephanie is passionate about embodied awakening and opening hearts. She is a qualified Rebirther, accredited Yoga teacher, certified Massage therapist, Watsu practitioner (water massage), Reiki Master, Theta healer, Attunement Therapy Practitioner, Soul Fragmentation Retriever, Womb Clearer, Chord cutter, Crystal dreaming practitioner, Interpersonal Relating guide.
As a shamanic Breath-Doola, a mother and an Empowerment Healer, and Cacao Ceremonialist – she is here to activate the remembrance of heaven on earth, supporting humanity to embody life as the ceremony, breath as the ritual, body as the temple & presence as the prayer.
Name changes possible but No Refunds
The Cacao is powerful detox and stimulant which can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations. If you are taking any sort of medication, please confirm with us before buying a ticket.
Mutual consent is the cornerstone of conscious sexuality. Consent, as we understand and practice it, is the ongoing agreement that we can modify or change at any point in our process of work and play. Everyone is 100% responsible for their experience


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