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Breath of LIFE – EGYPTIAN Remembrance
If you are looking to deepen in the connection with yourself to bridge your inner worlds with your outer worlds
This journey is for you
If you love the blue lotus, Ancient Egyptian alchemy and practice, embodiment somatic journeys – Join us!
Then this is for you Breathe your way through the ancient remembrance of Egypt, by reconnecting to your Kundalini and emerging inward into euphoria with Blue Lotus tea. To receive the energy of the ancient information for deep inner healing.
May we welcome the deepest parts of our inner self to re-emerge what resides within our cells. May we transform with ease what was lost in pain and separation into peace, ease and bliss. May we remember the medicine to create from a place of deep sovereign truth.
Blue Lotus tea activates the cellular memory while allowing for a deeply activated yet gentle psychoactive response to journey the realms of the subconscious in a heightened yet relaxed expression. Blue Lotus is an ancient herbal remedy used through ancient civilisations to bring forth connection to the divine feminine shakti energy within to come into deep internal union.
With the support of this blissful medicine, ritual, intention and guided breath-work facilitation we can return to seeing life through our ancient eyes, the Eye of Horus.
The well-being, healing and protection by connecting into our spiritual selves
If you’re wanting to release or you’re wanting to expand and remember this technique will allow for deeper life force activation, revitalisation, awakening of mind, and open flexibility of the physical body
Breath is the activation and bridge from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind, allowing for energy to move with ease and experience gentle or transcended altered states of reality.
– Release old negative behaviour patterns, and subconscious belief systems.
– Heal old emotional wounds and traumas.
– Connects you with your deepest inner truth, with your divine nature.
– Boosts confidence and awareness, and trust in yourself.
– Brings you to a deep inner peace.
– Eliminate toxins and stress and boost the immune system
– Clears and energises one Chakras and energy system
– A fundamental shift in your outlook
– Powerful insights occur during sessions that bring about rapid change in one’s life.
– Reawaken intuition, innocence and passion
Our breathing affects the way we feel and vice versa. The way we feel, influences our behaviour and our attitudes. The way we inhale reflects the way we take life in. The way we exhale reflects the way we let go or not. Our breath mirrors our relationship with our world. The intention of “the conscious connected breath” is to create an open and relaxed relationship with breathing and so transforming our life.
Using this gentle or more invigorating technique to activate the kundalini through breath you can journey in whatever expression is true for you as an individual. Honouring the self totally in all expressions required for your unique journey into deeper self realisation.
“Kundalini energy is the energy of awareness, of creation. Kundalini is present in all things”
> Increase creativity and flow state
> Increase sexual stimulation and orgasmic feeling within the body
> Bring forth bliss in the mind and body
> Remember your true self
> Awaken to ancient knowledge
> Activate inner gifts
Kundalini is the energy in the energy field that is responsible for creation, the life force of all that is to be felt in the physical experience. Kundalini has been widely distorted through as the energy of sexuality, the fire and the passion of tantra, however this is only one perception of this energy.
Kundalini energy is far greater than the human mind can conceive and that is why it is misinterpreted. Kundalini or the Creation Blue Print is the layer of the light body that allows for the individual to create from their soul remembering.
Once a Kundalini activation occurs the soul is able to easier feel the truth of the expression through the heart, mind and body coherence. As individuals we are able to create life from the love of fullness having remembered what that feels like.
Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) is one special flower, also sometimes named ‘Egyptian Lotus, Sacred water lotus, Blue Lotus Lotus, Sacred Lotus, Sacred Water Lily’ – has a long history in Egypt as a natural mood enhancers. Of such importance was this flower, that within the tomb of Tutankhamun Blue Lotus was found as an important part of his transition to the afterlife.
The relaxation effects of Blue Lotus are legendary and is highly recommended prior to sleep thanks to aporphine, nuciferine and natural alkaloids contained within.
Blue Lotus has been used in traditional healing practices for thousands of years but is mainly used for its relaxation properties which have shown to help with sleep, stress, and lower anxiety levels.
* Relaxation
* Can aid against stress
* Lower anxiety
* Quitting addictions
* Spiritual Journey
* Meditation
* Natural collagen production
* Promotes healthy blood sugar
* Maintains healthy digestion
Through this gentle yet intensely activating experience of Breath, Blue Lotus Tea and facilitation into deep inner journey of ancient civilisations.
Geeia and Stephanie invite you to join this heart opening, chakra aligning experience that will bring you deeper into source and your own connection to the wisdoms of Ancient Egypt. In this safe container you will be held in love, energy, light codes and energy work to open to beginning to become more of your own alchemist.
Is your heart calling you back to see the memories of the past, or to feel the fullness of power within?
Then claim your space and start the process….Feel free to ask any question or share your thoughts.
IM IN!!! How do I commit??
Claim your space – this event has limited capacity and space it will sell out!
Earlybird: 55 $$$
General admission – 67 $$$
At the door (if there’s spaces left) – 77 $$$
* Wear loose clothing (orange/yellow/gold sacral chakra) nothing tight or restrictive.
* Have a good nights sleep before.
* Have a light to empty stomach on arrival – the lighter the body the more you can energetically receive.
We ensure a CoVID Safe Plan
Name changes possible but No Refunds
The Journey is a powerful journey with many tools that can intensify your transformational process. Through the process you will embark on a journey into the soul. Because this process can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations. Please speak to one of your facilitators if anything comes up for you. We are here for your process and dedicated to aftercare.
The Blue Lotus is powerful plant and stimulant which can bring up intense emotions and strong physical experiences, be advised that it is not recommended for those with certain types of head injury, recent surgery, psychosomatic, serious mental health or other physical limitations. If you are taking any sort of medication, please confirm with us before buying a ticket.
Feel free to contact Stephanie or Geeia with any queries or inqueries about this session or private sessions :
Stephanie – 0474577235
Geeia – 0417575173


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